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GuatePhoto 2015

GuatePhoto Festival was created to educate, promote, document and celebrate contemporary photography.

In its first two editions GuatePhoto has witnessed a transformation of the Guatemalan and Latinamerican photography scene creating a new space for dialogue, an exchange of multicultural ideas, in addition to an being an interface with a wider public for participants.

What's Coming

The next edition of the Festival will take place in the cities of Guatemala and Antigua Guatemala in September of 2015. We are working on an incredible list of artists, activities, venues, events, portfolio reviews and much more.

Invited artists and exhibitions include: Martin Parr, Luis González Palma & Graciela de Oliveira, Eadward Muybridge, Andy Warhol, 2015 Critical Mass Top 50, FotoVisura, New Latin American Photobooks and many more!



"I was impressed about how the city turned itself over with the festival, a thing that is not easy to accomplish in other places, and you could live the sensation that almost everything that was going on in Guatemala during those days had something to do with photography."

Marta Soul


"The reaction to the Open Call was very strong. We recieved hundreds of entries, including very convincing proyects from the best international photographers. I had the honor to be part of the jury, and valued the oportunity to be exposed to this type of high quality work."

Jaime Permuth


"En adelante habrá que entender a Guatephoto 2013 como un parteaguas y la apertura de un gran dilema. En la historia de la fotografía en Guatemala esta edición nos sorprendió y sumergió de manera definitiva en las capacidades de diálogo, comunicación y nuevos modelos de trabajo que permite lo digital. Después de 2013 ya no fuimos los mismos. La producción fotográfica en Guatemala comenzó a jugar en ligas mayores. El entrecruce de miradas que provoca ver fotografías provenientes de Guatemala, China, México, Sudáfrica, Costa Rica, Brasil o Europa de manera simultánea, nos colocó frente a esa capacidad infinita de viajar en el espacio sin fronteras que dibuja la era digital. Sin embargo, más allá de lo que fue aquella celebración de la fotografía, merece la pena preguntarse: ¿ese día dejamos de ser solo guatemaltecos? ¿Fuimos suficientemente sensibles ante esas otras realidades? ¿Pudimos entender que somos tan similares, distintos y complejos como lo son los chinos, los mexicanos o los sudafricanos? Esto es lo que provoca un buen festival: reflexionar, reflexionar, reflexionar sobre las paradojas de la existencia."

Rosina Cazali

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Our Goal

Getting the funds for the Festival is always the greatest challenge. The total costs to produce the 3rd edition of the Festival can go over $250,000. For our Indie Go-Go campaign we are aiming at coming up with +$50,000 to get our project jumpstarted and get the Festival rolling!

We are working on getting the rest of the funds, that thanks to incredible sponsors like NatGeo and other local sponsors, help us to make the Festival come true.

Help us make an EPIC ENCOUNTER IN THE AGE OF PHOTOGRAPHY, by collecting amazing art or getting your Open Call Entry at a discount to have the chance to be part of the Festival during September of 2015!

Use of Funds

All the money we raise will go directly to cover the production costs of the Festival. The funds received by all our backers will be used for the production of +15 exhibitions and +20 events which include printing, mounting, framing, hosting, installation, site management, administration, logistics, catalog publication, rentals, participant fees, and marketing costs.

Every pledge contributes to making this epic encounter possible! Thank you!

Meet the Perks

Visit the Campaign to pledge and obtain one or some of these amazing perks.

About the Photographers


Luis González Palma is a guatemalan photographer who lives and works in Córdoba, Argentina. His work has been widely exhibited internationally (United States, Australia, Mexico, England, Slovakia, France, Spain) both in solo exhibitions and in photography festivals. His work is included in major public and private collections such as The Art Institute of Chicago, The Daros Foundation in Zurich, Switzerland, La Maison European de la Photographie in Paris, France, The Houston Museum of Fine Arts in the U.S. and La Fondation pour l’Art Contemporain in Paris, France.


Alejandro Cartagena was born in Dominican Republic in 1977. He lives and works in Monterrey, Mexico since 1990. Catagena earned his master's degree in visual arts at UANL. His work is focused on the exploration of landscape and portrait viewing as tools of cultural constructions, social and political that make up the Latin American societies. He has exhibited individually in Mexico, China, Italy, England, Canada and Guatemala and has participated in over 50 group exhibitions in countries of America, Asia and Europe.


Clara de Tezanos and JJ Estrada T. are the Co-Founders and Directors of La Fototeca, the GuatePhoto Festival and Fototropía Gallery. They have played an important role in the promotion of contemporary photography in Guatemala and Latinamerica . Their artistic participations include various local and international exhibits including, New York Photo Festival, Foto 30 (Guatemala), ESFOTO (El Salvador), Museo of Modern Art Carlos Merida (Guatemala), Galeria Ana Lucia Gomez (Guatemala), and Fototropia Gallery, alongside several curatorial participations as well.

Walterio Iraheta (El Salvador), Alan Benchoam (Guatemala), Byron Mármol (Guatemala), Juan Brenner (Guatemala), Lucy Argueta (Honduras), Renato Osoy (Guatemala), Agustín Fallas (Costa Rica), Andrés Asturias (Guatemala), Rodrigo Dada and Jorge Luis Chavarría are renowned photographers of the central american region.

Ana Werren, Marcela Polo, José Carlos Guzmán and Debbie Medina are current students of the collective "Nueva Generación" of La Fototeca.


How long will it take to receive my perk?

Receiving your perk can take up to one month after submitting your donation. If you have any questions regarding the status of your perk, please contact us directly at

Does the early bird discount cover the fee to enter the festival in 2015 and is this perk transferable?

Yes, after making your donation you are now eligible to enter your work in the Open Call for a possible opportunity to become one of our 15 finalists in the festival. The early bird discount is transferable, you may buy as many codes as you would like and transfer them to your family and friends.


When can I submit my work?

The Open Call launches in March 2015. You must retain your early bird discount code in order to apply to the Open Call. You will be required to enter your discount code so we advise you to keep a record of it. Once you are ready to submit your work please follow the guidelines on our website ( to ensure you correctly enter your discount code.

How else can I help?

If you are unable to make a monetary contribution, you can still help us by spreading the word about our Indiegogo campaign by sharing our video through social media with all your friends.

We thank you for your support to make an epic impact in the world of photography!

What was GuatePhoto 2012

Check out what brought the region upside down last GuatePhoto. Visit the GuatePhoto 2012 site.


Special Thanks

GuatePhoto is made possible by National Geographic Channel

Special Thanks to:

Porta Hotels, Copa Airlines, Fundación Paiz, Fundación Rozas Botrán, Alessa, Jesse Alan, students and team of La Fototeca.

In Collaboration with:

Embassy of Mexico in Guatemala, Museum ofModern Art Carlos Mérida, Lehigh University Art Galleries, The Spain Cultural Center in Guatemala, the 9.99 Gallery, FotoVisura, Photolucida, Estudio Madalena, Casa Santo Domingo Museum, CIRMA, Sol del Rio Gallery, Feria del Libro, 500 Photographers, and many more to come...


Behind GuatePhoto

La Fototeca is a School and Contemporary Photography Center based in Guatemala City co-founded by Guatemalan photographers Clara de Tezanos and JJ Estrada.

Through its educational programs, Fototropía Gallery and the GuatePhoto Festival (co-produced in its first two editions in collaborations with FotoVisura and Rara Magazine), along with an incredibly talented group of young individuals aim at educating a new generation of photographers and creating a platform for emerging and established photographers.

Get In Touch

For more information or question please feel free to contact us at:

  • Clara de Tezanos (Festival Director) /
  • Karen Fuhlrott (Festival Affairs) /

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